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At Consciously Be. we are reclaiming our right to our own healing. We believe everything starts from the inside. Our mission is to support the collective with conserving the wholeness within ourselves and our planet through internal healing. As we let ourselves feel all that we are, as we allow ourselves to heal, we begin to become whole again. We begin to, consciously, just be. 


about jia li

I am a Consciousness Guide birthed through the experiences of this human life. 


Certified in the Conscious Parenting Coaching Method by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, my life experiences and training have led me to this point, supporting you in your reclamation of your wholeness. You do not need to be a parent of an external child to work with me. Our work together comes from the place deep within where we (re)parent ourselves.


I am a guide that leads you back to you, to all the parts of you: your softness, your voice, your power. I hold the sacred space for you to find your way through the intimacy of your own healing process, so that you may find that sacred space within yourself. You are the only one that can heal you. 

Leaves Shadow

I had the most profound and powerful shifts working with Jia within just four sessions. I knew that all of my inner work prior to this has directed me to work more closely with my inner child, but I have never quite expected how powerful and central this work is for my own healing. Jia created a safe and loving space for me to start excavating the buried stories of my childhood. She does this almost effortlessly with her calm demeanour and gentle focus. I did not feel at all like I was in a session with a therapist or coach, like there is something needed to be fixed by an expert or a problem that needs to be discussed. It was professional but not hierarchical. Everything arises naturally. Our conversations were embodied, it started and ended with acknowledging what my body is feeling and experiencing during the session. I believe this contributes so much to my ability and willingness to open up old secrets that I had not even dared to look at or listen to myself. She has embodied her own teaching and wisdom and it shows in the way she responded and guided me through my problems.  Her guidance and responses are genuine, wise, ever present and always encouraging. I have gained a much deeper and more loving relationship with my inner child that has transformed the way I live in the world. I feel that I have reclaimed the missing part back into myself. I feel much more whole, confident and loving towards myself. I am so honoured and grateful for your guidance and mentorship in my self-integration, Jia!!! Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. 

—  Corry

what clients say

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Jia Li is certified in the Conscious Parenting Coaching Method by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. To explore Dr Shefali's work and learn more about Conscious Parenting Coaching visit the website


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